The converged podcast

I am a big fan of podcasts in general and I spend a lot of time following different shows; my favorite being a Swedish show by two famous television personalities called ‘Filip and Fredrik’. For those of you who are not familiar with podcasts, it is a form of digital media which consists of episodes of either audio or video files that you can subscribe to and download or stream.

It just so happened that a couple of weeks ago the Swedish duo ‘Filip and Fredrik’ put up a website with a new cool feature to their podcast. Now you’re able to follow the discussions while at the same time get ‘pop-ups’ whenever they refer to something. So for example, the other day they were discussing the Oscar-nominated movie ‘The Artist’, and a pop-up came up with the trailer to the movie and a brief description. You are able to turn it off if you wish to do so. What is really neat is that anyone who listens can contribute to the pop-up information.

This converged podcast, together with the blog that they are writing, makes this one of my favourite websites right now. It merges the written word with audio files and pictures, and I’m always looking forward to each Thursday when they release a new podcast show.


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