Social media; a summary [video]


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  1. Nice little video, that summarises some of the threshold issues and developments in relation to this Brave New World of social media. Thank you! I think social media offers enormous possibilities and, excitingly, we have front row seats of seeing how this new medium will evolve.

    I do wonder though, if the view in this video is a little utopian. Don’t get me wrong, the Professor makes some very valid points! Yes, we can all organise and mobile more easily and sometimes have an effect e.g. get the local community all set-up to protest against an environmentally damaging proposal. Nesta in the UK, has recently published research on the developing area of hyperlocal media (link below) – clearly something new is happening here.

    But the question of ACCESS still arises, as the whole point being made is that social media can empower, possibly, those who have not previously had the power to effect change.

    Yes, we can communicate through social media, in a similar way to how we chat and so on in a cafe. But who are you meeting in that cafe? An influential decision-maker/s? Will that be much different across social media? Will your social media campaign ‘reach the ears’ and influence that same major decision-maker/s? If they have the wealth and power to proceed how they want, possibly not.

    In the UK, many are challenging the orthodoxy of ‘austerity’ and protesting against savage budget cuts – in a sense challenging having an economy structured to serve the interests of the 1%. Social media on its own, will not stop say, cuts to funding for disability services. However, as part of a good quality, very smart public affairs/lobbying campaign, social media can most certainly be a very helpful tool. To not use it at all, or well, is simply to straightaway cut yourself out of the conversation.

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