How ‘social’ do you need to go?

I recently stumbled upon this article on The article suggests that your company can ‘rock’ social media platform with a strategy that only takes 30 minutes a day. Now, I know that it might sound tempting to an organisation with a busy schedule, and  a limited amount of time and resources to adapt this strategy. Do not be fooled! I will explain why this could possibly hurt your company more than it could benefit it.

The article suggests that you should put aside 2-10 minutes/day for each social outlet. Furthermore, they present six different social media channels: Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Google+ and Instagram. And according to their strategy, you will be rocking these outlets if you just follow the instructions.

In my opinion they are dead wrong. The strategy they are presenting could actually do more harm than good for you company. Just imagine; you are having a conversation with someone, and all of a sudden the person stops listening to you, or gives you a short answer and then goes away. Social media is about conversation and communication. If you don’t have time to invest in a person (or in this case your clients/potential clients) then you should not do it at all, or you might risk hurting your own reputation. A solid social media strategy takes time.

A smart way to go about this is to not over-do it with the social media. Let’s face it, your company does not have to be everywhere all the time. First of all, look at your own profile. What kind of company do you run? Where do you expect most of your potential clients spend their time? Is it fashion company? Then your clients are probably drawn to visual platforms. Put more effort on Instagram and Pinterest. After you feel that you have created enough followers on these platform, you may or may not continue and explore further. The important thing to remember is to not stress about being everywhere, but to invest more time on the platforms where you actually are. It is worth it in the end.

Do not fall for easy ‘quick-fixes’.



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